Not You Crew X Anime Messe

Not You Crew X Anime Messe

Show and dance groups are an integral part of the Anime Messe. We were at Filmpark Babelsberg in the Vulkan together with the Not You Crew and shot an exclusive video for the Anime Messe. The premiere with the dancers live as guests will be streamed on Saturday in the Cosplay Slot from 2 pm.

Not You Crew is a project-oriented Kpop community from Berlin, led by C-Hope Berlin. Depending on the song, there are different constellations of dancers. 

For this song, Doom Doom Ta by TRI.BE, Anastasia, Rumiera, Cosima, Hidia, Venus, Jojo Kiki are dancing. This project was created exclusively for the Ani(me)Messe and is directed by Anastasia.

If you want to see more of us, feel free to check us out on our social media pages Instagram: notyoucrew_by_chopeberlin and YouTube: C-Hope Berlin.

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Not You Crew X Anime Messe



Time Slot

  • on Saturday at 14:10 Uhr

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